Council Lays the Law Down for University Departments

A few of SA’s leading universities remain at risk of losing their accreditation for undergraduate law degrees.

The Council for Higher Education has reduced the University of Cape Town’s (UCT’s) LLB program to “see of withdrawal of accreditation”.

The council has withdrawn Walter Sisulu University’s accreditation to use LLB degrees in its law professors, efficient from January 2019.

The council examined 21 universities and found that Walter Sisulu’s LLB program had underqualified speakers and its lecture halls were not ideal for use, to name a few concerns.

Walter Sisulu stated it would try to send a new program for accreditation before completion of 2018.

Under existing guidelines, only programs certified by the Higher Education Quality Committee can be used by a college organization.

UCT’s LLB program has been criticised for cannot improve throughput and graduation rates and attending to race and gender equity problems.

” There is no indicator of correct and sound preparation, no clear targets and timelines offered to persuade the Higher Education Quality Committee of the seriousness and dedication to resolve the stated conditions,” the council stated of UCT’s law program.

The council provided UCT 6 months to handle the concerns raised. Needs to the university cannot handle the concerns raised, its LLB accreditation will be reduced from “notification of withdrawal of accreditation” to “verification of withdrawal of accreditation”.

UCT’s law professors stated recently that it was shocked and worried by the result of the evaluation of its program.

” As an international leading 100 law school and as the leading law school in SA, we keep in mind that our graduates remain in high need from law practice throughout the nation, and the findings are at chances with the performance of our graduates. This enduring track record stands in plain contrast with this first-ever accreditation procedure of law degrees by the Council for Higher Education,” the university stated.

” UCT additional notes with concern that as this procedure is not yet finished, the launching of this details unnecessarily puts the organization in a bad light which might have been handled with a higher level of sensitivity in these struggling times …

” We will definitely deal with the concerns raised in the report and we anticipate more engagement.”.

The council also revealed recently it had raised the notification of withdrawal of the accreditation status of the University of the Free State’s LLB degree.

The University of SA’s LLB degree has also been modified from “notification of withdrawal of accreditation” to “reaccreditation topic to … meeting particular conditions”.